Traffic Signal Operations

AGA operates traffic signal systems for various governmental agencies and does so remotely from our Fullerton office, which includes a TMC (Traffic Management Center). Existing systems include 31 signals on an Eagle Actra System (previously a TRACONET Type 90 system) in La Habra, 40 signals on a QuicNet Model 170 system in Montclair, 13 signals in Loma Linda, 140 signals using the Actra system in Fullerton, and a Naztec system for the County of San Bernardino on Cedar Avenue. We have also controlled Model 170 systems for the Cities of Santa Clarita, Palm Springs, and Huntington Beach from our TMC. Additionally, AGA staff have implemented and fine-tuned coordinated timing on several other City systems including QuicNet, TRACONET, Multisonics VMS, Econolite ZONE MONITOR, and CSC MICS. Several of these systems are also being periodically monitored remotely from our office. The most recent signal timing monitoring service involves approximately 600 intersections spread throughout 17 agencies in the San Bernardino Valley under a multi-year contract to SANBAG. This unique "hands-on" signal experience, combined with our senior staff's previous experience as City Traffic Engineers, allows AGA staff to possess a very realistic understanding of what it takes to adequately serve the public while maintaining political harmony. Our TMC staff also includes signal system specialists with previous field maintenance experience with a local Signal Maintenance Contractor. Our unique staffing often allows us to correct problems before the public starts making complaint phone calls to City staff.

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